Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little Mama

Mama Chicken and her babies
We lost our little mama chicken today. As does sometimes happen in the mountains, pets and livestock get taken by predators. It’s a harsh reality and never an easy pill to swallow. We put so much energy into caring for and protecting them that they become part of the family. So, we mourn the loss of our busy little mama.
I weep with sorrow; encourage me by your word. –Psalm 119:28
She was such a joy to watch as she talked to her babies showing them things to eat, how to scratch for more, and the best places in the yard to “fluff.” They had their little route that they took covering the entire yard in search of bugs, seeds, and any treats that I tossed out for them. You always knew where there were by their little chirps and mama’s clucking in return. She would make a certain cluck sound for food, another for danger, and another for calling them closer to her when they wandered too far away from her ever-watchful eye. If there was too much space or an obstacle between she and her babies, she would run around in a panic trying to find a way over, around, or through to get to those kids of hers.
Now, this afternoon, as I watched them closely, they still call out to her but with no reply. They keep doing all the things she so carefully taught them to do – searching for food, drinking, watching out for danger, staying out of the way of unfriendly coop-mates. Sticking by anything they can dive for cover under. Recognizing people as friends, but, not getting too close. It breaks my heart to think of those little sweet faces snuggling together to keep each other warm without her protective wing over them.

Photo taken by Tami Collins
…weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. –Psalm 30:5b
Today, I feel like both mama chicken and the little orphans. I can relate to each of them. The ever-present desire to protect my children, and, feeling lost from losing a parent. The predator seeking my mother’s life: cancer. The predator that took my dad’s life: MRSA. We do have a limited amount of time here on earth. And, none of us know the day or hour of our departure. Only our Father in heaven knows. Each minute is a gift. A gift sometimes filled with sorrow, and sometimes joy. But, God is there. We may not know what tomorrow has for us, but He does, and has orchestrated every detail of it. A life lived with Him front and center is a life worth living. He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
I find comfort knowing that I have a Heavenly Father. And, He will never leave me or forsake me. We have His word on it. Receive each minute as the gift that it is – with thanksgiving and a heart of gratitude.
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. -1Peter 5:7

The orphans

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  1. Aawww, I'm sending many hugs today, my friend. I'm so sorry for the loss of such a sweet part of your family. It's never easy losing those who take a little piece of our heart away with them. Much love and warm thoughts to you! Love you, Deb


Thank you for your comment! Hope to see you again soon!