Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When Roosters Crow {A Funny Grayson Story}

We had the first sleepover with our one year old grandson this week. It was a trial run for a three day, two night stay in October when Mom & Dad go away for Mom's 21 birthday celebration. Other than Grandma & Grandpa feeling older by the minute, it was a blast. Here is my funny Grayson story...

When we woke up around 8:00 a.m. we had a happy little guy smiling at us and ready to go. With only a couple of minutes of looking for Mom, he was happily distracted by the roosters crowing back and forth outside. He looked at us a little puzzled and worried, but then Grandpa said, "it's okay, it's just the roosters" and he let out a cock-a-doodle-doo of his own. Grayson giggled and watched Bampa (as he calls him) answer back and forth with the roosters. Next thing we know, that smart-as-a-whip boy sticks his chin out, purses his lips, raises his eyebrows, and makes his own "crowing" noise.

We nearly died laughing...

Fast forward ~

When his mama & daddy came to pick him up, one of the roosters started to crow and

...out came the chin

...the lips pursed

...the eyebrows raised

...and out came a Grayson rendition of a rooster crow!

He was sitting on his mama's lap and she looked at me like "what?" I started laughing, told her the story, and advised her that she has her very own rooster now. Oh, how I love that little kid!!