Monday, February 27, 2012

A Tribute to Ali Girl

We found each other in the pet store adoption center in Fremont. As we looked at the dogs and puppies available for adoption, we spotted this black fur-ball in one of the little fenced in areas. Timid and scared, you had crawled under the small white blanket that had been for you to lie on. As Chris ran up and down the aisle with a crazy, high-spirited dog for consideration, the kids and I let ourselves into your pen and sat on the floor with you insisting that we had found our new family member. “We can love her back to life,” we said. You were about six months old, Sean was six, MacKenzie was four.
Tired old girl...

We filled out the papers, wrote the check, and brought you to your new home and yard. It didn’t take long before those eyes lit up and you were full of life  just like we knew would happen with a little love.

Growing up with the kids, your ever-watchful eye was on them, staying close as they played. You took it upon yourself to control the possum population in the yard by jumping up to the top of the 6’ fence, snag the taunting rodent, and show it who had the last “what now?!” We still talk about it today as the number of dead rodents reached well over 20 in the three years we were at that house. It’s one of Sean’s favorite stories to brag about. There is a special bond between you and Sean even though you definitely love the whole family.

You came with us to the new house in the mountains – with no fence – along with Bailey, the friend we got for you. As new adventures awaited you and your kids, you settled right into country life. Because we had no fenced yard, you got to sleep in the house every night. Hiking around the property, going for walks, catching snowballs and sticks, going for rides to the river or lake to swim were some of your favorites. You loved taking up part of the couch or laying in front of the fire on a cold winter’s day. Life for Ali Girl was good.

Shilo and Ali with another old friend, Freckles.
When we added Shilo to the family, you put up with this rambunctious pup until he wore you down and we caught you playing with him in the yard. Then, as he grew up, all three of you would give chase to the bears that came to tear up the garbage and later the chicken coop and turkey pens looking for a meal. Being part spaniel and part lab, your instincts to go after birds caused everybody a bit of grief as you all learned that killing “mommy’s birdies” was not in your best interest. Now, we see the chickens snuggling with you on the front porch to keep warm.

You have been an everyday part of our family for nearly 16 years now. You have bridged time in the lives of the kids from young children to young adults with children of their own. You have been a constant friendly face greeting those who have come to our home. But now, as the light dims in your eyes and you are barely able to walk on your own, it’s time to say our good-byes to our old friend. You have been a source of joy, frustration, and companionship during your stay with us. We cannot watch you suffer and yet the thought of you not being around is heartbreaking. When the tears dry and the sting of separation subside, we will miss you and remember you with a full heart.

Winter 2010/2011

Ali checking on Grayson while MacKenzie looks on.
 R.I.P. 1996 - FEBRUARY 27, 2012


  1. Oh, I'm feeling your broken heart, my friend and this beautiful tribute brought me to tears. If they only knew how much they add to our lives, our sweet 4-legged friends.
    Precious :)

    1. Thank you's so hard to lose them. But, she isn't in pain anymore and she did leave us with some great stories.

  2. Oh Tami, I'm bawling my eyes out. I'm so sorry your Ali-girl is gone. So many great memories. She was the best darned possum hunter there ever was. Bianca loved to come over and play with her and Bailey while she snacked on goodies from your cupboard. When I think of your family I autmatically think of the big 4-legged dark haired girl that you loved so much. RIP...Love ya girl! Tracey

    1. Thanks Tracey...she was a big part of both of our families for so long. It was weird getting up this morning and her not being there to run out the door with the others. Things are a little emptier around the house.


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