Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spoken - Part 4

What we say and how we say it are equally important. When my kids were young and I was teaching them a lesson in humility (or how to apologize with sincerity and not because they were being directed to) I would sometimes get a snippy, quick “sorry” response. I would then demonstrate the importance of the tone in their voice by yelling angrily at them “I love you!” to make a point. It didn’t feel very loving, sincere, heart-felt, or nice. They would laugh, knowing that I was right and it did matter.
Hubby & Jasper

I’ve tried for years to explain to my husband what I meant when I said that I felt like he’s “always mad” or “always yelling.” What I was really trying to say was that he carries a very harsh tone in his voice that even made his 45 pound dog recoil and slink up the stairs into hiding just talking about the weather. Then, along came my little 11 pound fur ball, Jasper, that hubby adores more than anything. Jasper will go right up into his face, pat his lips with a paw, and with a cute tilt of his head say, “Dad, you’ve got that tone again – please stop.” Jasper has succeeded in doing what I was never able to do. It melts my husband’s heart and he now realizes how often he does it. Things are changing (thank you, Jesus!) because God sent an angel in the form a little black, curly-haired dog.

Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. - Colossians 4:6 NIV

God has the whole universe at his disposal to use to speak to us. We have our words, our tone, our attitude, and our actions. Are we using the tools we have to create an atmosphere that the Holy Spirit can live in and do His work? Or, are we speaking (even unintentionally with our tone) garbage and instability? We are spiritual beings – plain and simple. Our spirit picks up on things that we are not consciously aware of. If the Lord allowed us to see all of the activity going on around us in the unseen world, we would be paralyzed with fear.

Since we were made in His image, our words carry power as well. And, we will stand before a righteous God one day and be judged for every one of them.

Your homework: Ask the Lord to help you take the sharp edges off of your conversation. Ask Him to show you what grace looks like.

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, we praise and thank you for your patience and mercy toward us. So many times, as Jesus spoke from the cross, we “know not what we do.” Shine the light of your love and revelation in our lives as You continue to expose those things in us that are not of your nature and do not glorify You. Draw us ever closer to Your heart. Help us to listen more and consider carefully our words. In Jesus’ powerful name, Amen!

Wikipedia says: In the New Testament, the word translated as grace is the Greek word charis (Greek χάρις), pronounced khar'-ece, for which Strong's Concordance gives this definition; "Grace, the state of kindness and favor towards someone, often with a focus on a benefit given to the object." A Greek word that is related to charis is charisma (gracious gift). Both these words originated from another Greek word chairo (to rejoice, be glad, delighted).[6] In the Old Testament, the Hebrew term used is chen [7][8] ([4][5]חֵן), which is defined in Strong's as "favor, grace or charm; grace is the moral quality of kindness, displaying a favorable disposition".[9] In the King James translation, Chen is translated as "grace" 38 times, "favour" 26 times, twice as "gracious",[10] once as "pleasant",[11] and once as "precious".

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  1. Another great post, my friend....oh, BTW, can I borrow Jasper for a bit? He's got his work cut out for him at my house, LOL.
    I especially love this: "Since we were made in His image, our words carry power as well." So true :)
    Well said!
    Be blessed!


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