Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remembering Shilo {The Guardian}

We had to say goodbye to another long-time family friend, Shilo. 
Thank you for your years of love and service to our family. 
We love and miss you Big Dog! Your presence is sorely missed around the house.
R.I.P. Friend
April 2000 - May 10, 2012

There is so much to say of you and yet words escape me and only produce tears. 
So, I'll let the rest of the world love you through pictures so our hearts can heal
in due time. We take comfort in knowing that the cancer that caused you so much
pain has lost it's grip on you as you rest your tired bones. Now, get the bug! (Laser pointer)

You loved playing in the snow...

Such a handsome guy...

"Catching" snowballs was one of your favorite things to do...

Always the beggar...

Napping on the porch with Ali Girl and a chicken...

Never far from your "Dad"...

Licking the ice cream - yum!
Hanging out with the Grandparents - Thanksgiving 2007
Tolerating the cat...

Staring at Dad telling him you want more of those gingersnap cookies.

The boys on lookout. Photo taken a couple of months before you left us.
This post comes almost a month after you left, mostly because even looking at pictures kept the tears flowing. I couldn't let your passing and all that you did for our family go unnoticed. Thank you for your love and willingness to give your all — right up until the end. We miss you Big Dog!

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